Quite a difference from most of the other books that I read. This is a slow burn of a book as it doesn’t start out with a crime or anything that you really needed to look forward to. It was more of a contemporary start where you meet the main characters and get to know them.

The story alone was pretty good but very strange as well. It was a unique take as well and it seemed almost more like a Soap Opera where there is just so much going on and most of it not the greatest.

Some of the wording in the book you can tell is more British even though a part of it was based in the UK. That made it slightly strange at times but I think it suited the story well. There was so much going on that at times I was having trouble keeping track of things but I really liked how this story was put out.

Noah is an interesting character who seemed to be way to popular in England and then when he was transplanted to the USA it seemed that he was the Pariah whom no one could or would like. It is harsh but it’s also reality that when moving schools or locations you are not going to maintain your popularity and it will take a lot of time to really gain that back.

I actually didn’t really like Noah that much thinking of him I found him to be slightly needy and even clingy towards his ex-girlfriend as well as a little too unforgiving as well towards the father. I know that things weren’t easy but there is a lot of things that just reminded me how young he was and how much I wanted to swat him for not thinking with his head.

The grandfather you really didn’t see too much of and while he seemed to be an interesting character I wished I had seen more from this man so that I can go through and look to see just what he was.

The Mom I liked at first but I found that the hidden truth just made me annoyed with her. I understood her don’t get me wrong and I know it had to have been hard but this is your family and you didn’t even tell your son that he had relatives in another country.

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