I feel that I have finally made it with my blog. Yesterday was a day that was very strange but also very good.

Indigo is national book chain in Canada and is one of the few bookstores that are around.

I was chatting with the manager yesterday at the Pickering location and he was asking what I was reading. So I told him what I have been reading and about some of the wonderful novels that I have found this year.

He then said of there were any books I wanted to order in he could do that. I then began talking about a book I loved called Dead Inside by the great Noelle Holten. I gave him a brief idea of the book and he was very interested and now he wants to read it.

He looked it up and found that he could order them to his store and it launched in just over a month. He wrote the ISBN code down and is going to put them at the front of the store on a shelf and with a sticker indicating Sean’s pick.

I love that he wanted to order something for the store based on my recommendation and that he wants to show it off.

It shows that I am gaining a bit of influence as everytime I go in there I get asked for recommendations to help customers even though I don’t work there and never have.

The fact that I can help one of the best and most positive people anywhere and that I can point out just how great an author she is makes my day. Also I can then get them for gifts as well as I so love giving books for presents to a friend of mine.

Finally feeling successful after over 5 years of doing this.

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