I am a huge fan of the Hero Nelson series andni have been lax with this part of my blog so here goes.

Hero Nelson is my favourite character in crime novels. With only 4 full length novels he has managed to captivate me. Also he has another novel Heroic Justice where he partners with Lorne from the Justice Series.

He has a lot of depth. He constantly puts his foot in his mouth when it comes to his partner but his heart is so big and is made of gold.

Seeing his growth was great as you see him go from competent detective who can be stubborn and pigheaded at times to one that is a family man who wants what is best for his wife and children.

My favourite parts all come from his family life where you get to see his love and just what he is truly like.

The author even made me cry in some of the books as the family ties is just so amazing and heartfelt you can’t help bit get moved by what happens.

This character has earned a spot as one of my favourites for these reasons and many more

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