murder pact

The next installment in the DI Sara Ramsey series.  The Murder Pact was a bit of a twisted tale of love and vengeance.

Sara Ramsey is definitely growing on me big time as over the last books you really see something with her that just wants you to love her.  Ramsey is a very solid character with whom you can feel  you are part of her story.

The characters in this book are very entertaining to read.  Mark is really just a minor part of the story but he bring the human to Sara in every aspect.  I really like how supportive he is and that he doesn’t seem to have issues with her hours and the fact that she has a lot of links to her partner Carla.

Carla is a great character but a little nervy at times.  I think that she really makes the story pop in a lot of ways.  She is the person that really brings home how serious these cases are.  She also seems to have a lot of impact with the team as she is really cared for as you can see.  I also like the fact that she was pushing things and can bring out the best in her partner Sara.

The story was a good one and one that I haven’t really seen before which makes me wonder just what is next in the Sara Ramsey story.  The powerful imagery in these books also brings out just how good they are.  You can really get a picture of just what will happen and who these people are.

It all comes together nicely in a seamless mesh of story and characterization.  It’s one reason I really love the books that this author writes.  While the book wasn’t as powerful as the last one with the imagery I really did like the story and thought it had one of the best premises.

I am very grateful that I was able to get an Advanced Readers Copy of this book which has allowed me to further my love of this author.  She has a great ability with writing and I really think that she has one of the best abilities at creating likable characters who feel like they are normal everyday people.

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