A question came up in one of the many bookclubs online that I am a member of. If you could read a book again for the first time what would it be.

To me that was a tough question as there are so many books that I wish I could read again for a first time. I have decided to try and answer it though with genre by genre.

Fantasy is probably the hardest for me as there are so many that are simply amazing.

1. Brent Weeks and his Night Angel trilogy. I chose these as because they rekindled my love in fantasy novels after years of lackluster reads in adult fantasy novels.

2. Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman for the Dragonlance Chronicles. This choice was easy as it started me into the world of fantasy and made me love the Dragonlance world of Krynn.

3. Mercedes Lackey and Diana tregarde series. This is urban fantasy and because of threats it came to my attention more and it was all about magic and a guardian but in now a days time.

4. Jim Butcher for his Dresden series. Another urban fantasy book that just had me laughing and always rooting for the underdog.

Crime Thrillers

1. M.A. Comley and her Hero Nelson series. This is my favourite series by far. Hero is such a great character and the writing talent that you see come through with his family ties and issues just makes you feel more for him.

2. Caroline Mitchell and her Ruby Preston series. Now i first fell in love with her paranormal thrillers but this series just took me to a whole new level. The fact that her past isn’t as clean as normal viewed made me like it even more.

3. Angela Marsons and her Kim Stone series. This easily made the list especially since she has written by favourite villain in Alex. It is so entertaining to see Kim get into scrapes and how she gets out of them.

4. Linda Prather and her Catherine Mans series. Nothing in paranormal has taken it’s place as my favourite in that unique genre. I love the psychic parts and think Catherine Mans is one of the most well thought out characters I have seen. She also has so much depth to her that you always want her to come out on top.

Biographies and Autobiographies.

This one was really tough as it isn’t easy to choose them especially when so many are one time reads and that’s it. So below is the people they are about. Most are gymnasts

Shawn johnson

Nastia Liukin

Dominique Moceanu

Shannon Miller

Simone Biles

Romeo dallaire

One thought on “Books or Series you wish you could read again for the first time”

  1. I have only one answer – “A Tale for the Time Being” by Ruth Ozeki. But the thing about that book… once you’ve read it, you aren’t the same person you were before you read it.

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