The third in the DI Stratton series. It lives up to the warped and wonderful series that I definitely expect from this definitive duo.

Stratton is a warped character because of her past but it just drives her to be the best police officer that she can be and to solve her cases in record time.

The story itself has so many religious undertones which I didn’t expect to enjoy as I am not a religious person in nature and tend to be bored by the topic. This was very different as it was just an undertone and it was so much lart of the story that it just seemed that it was necessary.

I really am finding this series as the relationship between Stratton and her boss and her teammates is very fun to witness.

She seems to hate her boss and who could blame her but she thinks what I think many of us do about our bosses at times. I think one day she may snap and say something to him.

Wonderful book definitely going to be hard to top this one as it just sat with me and the warpedness of this series is so attractive.

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