Thank you to Bookouture and the author for an advanced reader copy of this book.

This book is very good with so many characters. It is such a strong narrative with so many characters

At times it’s a bit confusing as with the amount of characters it can overwhelm at times. However once you get really into the story you see just how strong and closely intertwined with each other.

The story was great and had so much to offer. I found that it was one of the stronger ones that I have read. It was an emotional book and shows both the bad and heartwarming side of what has happened.

Magda is one of those truly inspirational characters that show both weakness and strength. What happens to her is harsh at times but she really shows her strength of character and her ability to handle anything.

Imogen is a uniquely relaxed character who you would never expect to happen at that time in history. She is just as strong as Magda as well but she seems more hidden or guarded at times then any of the other characters.

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