The 4th book of the Sara Ramsey series and again this wonderful author has put my emotions through the grinder

The main character Sara is an emotional lady but this book wouldbout anyone to the test. I love how she shows her emotional strength at times with her indifference or supposed indifference.

Her link to her partner Carla is great as well and its unique to me as generally you see male and women partnered together so its nice to see two females both different in their own way.

I like Carla as she is a strong secondary character who is support role. She has so much understanding and also such talent that she can help Sara at any time necessary. You can see the affection that they have for each other as well.

The book is emotionally charged and always this author handles issues that are difficult at the best of times. She handles these tough issues with tact and great empathy. She shows that not everything has just one side and is one of the reasons I love this authors writing.

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