When life is hard enough to deal with even more so when you are in the middle of a war zone in which one group is out to commit genocide on another.

In 1994 the massacres started in Rwanda a country in Africa between people of the same country but different groups.

Having read a number of books about this I can say that it was a hard time and you weren’t sure if your neighbours were going to kill you or help to protect you.

The story in this book was one that is heartfelt and shows the courage of one man. He was a manager at a hotel and he didnt care what culture a person was from he wanted to protect his people.

The story has been told in the film Hotel Rwanda which is about this man as well.

The book is well written but doesn’t delve into all the gory details. It deals more with how he helped people survive in the genocidal time in his country.

The main character in this book and in life was courageous thinking of others not realizing that he may be putting his own life in jeopardy.

Paul Rusesabagina is a man of great morals and shows just how much he cares. He writes the book and shows what went on and how he tried to do what he could in his own way to save his country.

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