When I think of all the time I have spent reading there are few I can say are better than Caroline Mitchell. She has thrilled me from the get go with her paranormal thrillers and has made me fall for Amy Winter.

I haven’t yet seen a dud yet when it comes to novels from this author. The second book for Amy Winter didn’t fall short on that. It was a superb book that had a hit if everything that I truly like about thrillers.

The Secret Child is a title that I love and I keep thinking that there were so many ways in which this could have played out.

I never thought Caroline Mitchell would be able to top some of her novels in the past. First was Jennifer Knight then Ruby Preston and now Amy Winter.

Amy is a strong character with a warped life at times. A very similar start of the stories just like Ruby Preston. The only thing is Amy is one that didn’t know tbe shit show she came from until later in life.

Amy is stuck in a loop it seems where she has learned of her past and just how bad it was. She was raised by parents that loved her and then found out that she was adopted and her parents were actually serial killers.

In this story it deals with experimentation on children. A tale of revenge as the boy who survived the ordeal now is after the only thing left to him.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold and that is exactly what Luka has. He has become cold inside loving one person and trying to keep himself with a hard heart. He wants to make them pay.

It is not the most pleasant of topics but what I like is that the book does it tastefully. It isn’t easy to write this or read it but it was such a great read. I think that this series is going to be wonderful and they really need to put more of these out.

Another homerun for Caroline Mitchell and I am anticipating just what she has in store for Amy Winter next.

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