Years ago I picked up this book which turned out to be the first in a series that became one of the better written books.

Pyromancer is the tale of a young man who was turned out of his masters after his mother went to the Convent and father went missing. He was destined or so he thought to be a boatwright like his father. Alas that wasn’t to be.

Douglas travelled after he knew the apprenticeship wasnt going to work and found Flarman an old turtle like man. He was a wizard and was powerful. Douglas applied to e his apprentice and things only looked up from there.

The characters are great and so full of life you feel as if you are there with them.

Douglas became a powerful pyromancer and he earned the friendship of all he met. He was strong willed but was young and inexperienced but it really added to the story as you see him grow from scared teenager to powerful wizard.

Flarman was a kindly older gentleman who was well on his way to never finding skmkne who would specialize in the magic of fire. He became a second father to Douglas as well as mentor.

There were so many other wonderful characters including ancient beings of power that just made the experience all the better.

This series had a number of books but the first one really sets the tone and is the best as it has the most growth for the characters and has also the best story.

Unfortunately the author has passed away so I never got to know where he had intended to take his stories and just how good they could have been.

The Mancer series which I have read them all are as follows.

  • Pyromancer (1992)
  • Aquamancer (1993)
  • Geomancer (1994)
  • Aeromancer (1997)
  • Marbleheart (1998)
  • The Reluctant Knight (2014)

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