It’s No Secret: Thriving After Surviving by Danielle Downey

  • Paperback: 278 pages

  • Publisher: Independently published (15 Nov. 2018)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 1730823068

  • ISBN-13: 978-1730823060


BLURB Danielle knew early on that she was not like most children at her school.With a chaotic home life riddled with violence, neglect, abuse and poverty she learned early on how to survive and adapt.Every challenge taught her a valuable lesson about resilience and self-motivation allowing her to develop an unshakable positive mindset, along with a sense of humour.This book takes the reader on a journey detailing the life-changing events which tested Danielle’s resilience and willpower. She bravely shares the difficult choices she was forced to make in order to safeguard her precious family as long-forgotten secrets are revealed.This uplifting, shocking and empowering book chronicles Danielle’s story and her determination to never let her past define her future.It promises to inspire the reader that change and choice are absolutely possible and that nothing is ever insurmountable.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Danielle lives in Devon with her children and husband.

Her own experiences in overcoming adversity allow her to be a positive role model, inspiring others that thriving after surviving is truly possible.

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I always wanted to be a gymnast. But, without training it was tough. It was said that I spent more time on my hands walking than I did on my feet, but that wasn’t meant to be my future. Then I aspired to be a writer. I mean, I have always written as a form of release, from around the age of six whether that’s poetry or stories, yet I never believed that anyone may want to read them. So, they stayed a secret, like so much of my past. The writing was a good secret, a little bit of me that I owned and was in control of, in an environment where I often felt that I had little control of my own body and mind. A far cry from the dirty, putrid and revolting secret like the abuse that was perpetrated towards me by people who should have loved me that I carried around on my shoulders for so many, many years.

That was until July 2017 when I decided that the time had come to share my true story with the world. To share my story of a little girl brought up in a home riddled with violence, neglect, incest and isolation. Who knew she was different in so many ways to her friends and felt totally unworthy of the love and commitment that all children deserve. Who knew that she had so much that she wanted to do and could fulfil, given half the chance.

And so, this is MY story. Written from my memories, perceptions and recollections. Some hazy and wonderful and some vibrant, bright yet deeply distressing. This is the story of a little girl who refused to give in. To lie down and be broken just because she happened to be born into a gene pool that was not of her choosing and who felt those emotions that may survivors may have felt of loneliness, danger and hopelessness. To want love but be unable to ask for it. To want kindness and fairness but be unable to articulate it and to feel so broken that you feel like a spare part in the freakish jigsaw of your life. This was me. Before I began my road from surviving to thriving. Before I was able to take from the trauma of my life the lessons I had learned, the resilience I had built up and the huge amount of inner strength that I could manifest once I stopped believing that I was the root of all of my problems and grew to love and appreciate myself and all that I am. I have never asked for sympathy, nor for you to understand me, but what I do ask is that you take this book as it is intended.

As a reality check that we have within us greatness. A greatness to succeed and survive no matter what carnage and upset, trials and tribulations, challenges and adversities are lying before us. And realise that you, like me can decide to thrive and live your best life, is a way designed and articulated by you, and only you. It’s No Secret. Thriving After Surviving

I have tried to recreate events to the best of my ability and as truthfully as possible from my memories of them. The conversations and events are not written to represent word for word transcripts. Rather, I have recalled them as best I could in a way that evokes the meaning of what was said. Names and situations have been changed within the context of the book to protect the innocent as per the laws of our land. Many of those ironically are not that innocent in my eyes. But because this book is not their story, but mine, told through my memories and from my perspective I am ok with that. This then, is my story, It’s No Secret, Thriving after Surviving.

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