As all know I am a huge fan of this author and the new series which is about Sara Ramsey.

This is the second book and while it is a great book it didn’t draw me in the same way as the first book.

The story was strong but familiar to me in some ways. Not sure where it is coming from but it had some items that were familiar.

Carla then character to me is even more stronger than Sara in a lot if ways. She has such strength and then I found her situation in which she reveals later in the book brings you more into what she is really like.

Sara has a troubled past it seems not in that she was trouble but her past is very sad. Now she almost seems to be fighting herself in being happy.

Mark is interesting side character and I begin to see that he can be a great addition to the cast of characters.

I did enjoy the story and I love the little tease at the end which will be a kick off to the next book.

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