DI Amy Winter knows evil. She’s lived through it.

Four-year-old Ellen is snatched by a stranger in the dead of night. Her devastated mother, Nicole, receives four identical phials and a threatening note in a familiar scrawl that chills her to the bone. But she always knew this would happen. She’s been expecting it for years…

According to the note, one of the phials is poisoned. Nicole is given a deadly challenge: if she drinks one, the sadistic kidnapper will notify the police of Ellen’s location. The sender claims to be Luka Volkov but Luka is supposed to be dead, killed long ago in a fire that haunts all those involved.

DI Amy Winter is still reeling from the discovery that she is the daughter of a serial killer, and her childhood trauma only makes her more determined to bring Ellen home. When another child is taken, Amy finds herself in a race against time. To rescue the children, must she seek help from the one person she wants to forget…?

My Thoughts

I never thought Caroline Mitchell would be able to top some of her novels in the past. First was Jennifer Knight then Ruby Preston and now Amy Winter.

Amy is a strong character with a warped life at times. A very similar start of the stories just like Ruby Preston. The only thing is Amy is one that didn’t know tbe shit show she came from until later in life.

Amy is stuck in a loop it seems where she has learned of her past and just how bad it was. She was raised by parents that loved her and then found out that she was adopted and her parents were actually serial killers.

In this story it deals with experimentation on children. A tale of revenge as the boy who survived the ordeal now is after the only thing left to him.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold and that is exactly what Luka has. He has become cold inside loving one person and trying to keep himself with a hard heart. He wants to make them pay.

It is not the most pleasant of topics but what I like is that the book does it tastefully. It isn’t easy to write this or read it but it was such a great read. I think that this series is going to be wonderful and they really need to put more of these out.

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