While January I was swamped at work I managed to find the time to read. While it was hard I managed to get through 19 books.

One of those best reads was book 10 in the much anticipated Kim Stone series by Angela Marsons. This book shook me and kept me gripped the entire time. Such high praise for this series as it constantly delivers as one of the lost emotional as well as thrilling reads. The book is Dead Memories.

Where Angel’s Fear by DK Hood. This is the Kane and Alton series and is one of my top series. The intricate dynamics of the team always come to life and I love the characters and just what they are capable of. This is definitely going to stay a top read as well. The series is amazing and the author earned my debut author of the year.

Open Heart Open Mind by Clara Hughes. A many time Olympian for Canada in both Winter and Summer Olympics. This takes you through her journey and has a candid look at mental health. Definitely a winner of a book.

Silent Suspect by Kerry Wilkinson. Another book by this amazing author. I am truly hooked on what he can do with his stories and not much can top his series about Jessica Daniels. This book is remarkable and after skipping a number of this series I have really found I can pick it back up again and skip right back in without reading those I missed.

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