What would you do if you were haunted by your past but were suppressing the emotions. That’s exactly what happens in Desd Memories to DI Kim Stone. Her past has really come back to haunt her life as mysteriously there are murders being committed that link back to the horrific life events of one Kim Stone.

Seeing Kim as emotionally charged as this book shows will shock many people. I always thought of Kim as a hot headed lady who was only showing her anger and her ability to get through any situation.

This book shook my confidence in what she could handle. What same person could handle the case when it ties so tightly back to your own life.

I must say the story was super and had such a draw to it. I mean what idiot would want to unsettle Kim who we all know doesn’t put up with anything from anyone. It’s almost as if they were signing their own death warrant.

A haunted nightmare past comes back to haunt Kim Stone.

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