It started with a phone call. Just one word – ‘Jessica’ – and now Detective Inspector Jessica Daniel has a big problem.

Her missing friend, Bex, called from a battered seaside payphone and yet, by the time Jessica arrived, there was nobody there.

One man claims he can help – but then he turns up on a beach stabbed to death.

Jessica believes someone must be framing her. Someone who is always a step ahead. When she finds a boy whose tattoo matches Bex’s, she becomes more desperate than ever for answers. But, with the police growing more suspicious, Jessica doesn’t have long to find Bex before she becomes the prime suspect for a murder.

With more than her career at stake, can Jessica clear her name – and find her friend – before it’s too late for them both?

My thoughts

Being a fan of Jessica Daniels books and having missed a number of them i wasn’t sure how I would like it. The book was thoroughly enjoyable and I fell in love again with the story telling about Jessica Daniels. While not my favourite that i have read it does have so much good about it. Jessica is one of the most intriguing characters that I have seen. She is such a strong character who just seems to get into trouble and wasn’t sure she could get out of.

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