Being a Canadian and being in love with speed skating despite not skating myself. Published in 2015 I have been wanting to read this for years and finally got the chance 4 years later.

This book really touches on what I truly love about Clara Hughes. She is a flawed person who has had mental health difficulties like many of us but she made a positive out of a negative.

She is a truly amazing and gifted athlete who has a heart of gold. She gives selflessly to those who are in need but still maintains herself and shows how true she is.

I loved reading about her mental health issues as it shows that mental health is a very serious issue and someone needs to speak out about it and try to get people help. It also shows that while not pleasant to talk about she shows with her willingness to discuss the issues that she wants to help others.

Very good read and one that will stay with me for quite some time as it deals with her life and her loves.

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