I have decided that on my birthday I should review something of immense meaning and one of my best reads of the year. Since it’s my birthday and i want to honour someone whose books also have meant the world for me. It is with great pleasure I post my review for Toxic Justice.

This year I am reviewing Toxic Justice and it’s a review of mixed feelings. Don’t get me wrong this book was great with the same characters who make me smile and keep me entertained throughout this wonderful series.

The reason for the mixed feelings as this is the final book in the Justice Series which feels like an old friend of mine is leaving. It is both a happy and sad occasion as I have grown so much since I started reading this series.

This series is so comprehensive going through 18 novels. One character has always remained the same Lorne. I have seen her through the toughest times as well as the best. She really does feel like a close friend and I know I will miss her.

The topic that this books covers is near to me. Growing up and going to school in he 80s and 90s and being a person who was bullied in his youth this story struck home hard.

Bullying and suicide has become more prevalent since I left school and that is what this book deals with. It was very emotional as you get to see the group that report to Lorne and even above Lorne in crisis.

This book is very necessary much in the same way that 13 Reasons Why is important. It brings up the topic of teen suicide and how much the rates have increased.

Seeing Lorne out of her element was interesting as generally all she deals with are murders. This case was definitely different and one that die hard fans of psychological thrillers will very much enjoy.

Still as hard hitting as her other books but more with a tender and caring side. This difficult issue of suicides needs to be brought more into the light the same with harrassment and bullying. It is something that many don’t understand and this great author always tackles the most difficult issues in a way that makes it better.

This was an almost perfect ending to a series that has brought me much joy. The author has a way to having you feel all the little nuances of emotions.

I am still not sure how I feel about this as it feels like an end of am era for me.

Let’s talk about the characters.

Lorne is as tough as nails but it hides the inner fragility of a snowflake. She is a professional but instead of logic she uses her heart to make her decisions.

Tony this one was tough as I much preferred him over any other love interests of Lorne but in the last few books he took more of a backseat to her. Not a bad thing but he was more support because of his injuries. He was one of the most capable people I the book and while he slowly phased out as active he was always behind the scenes.

Charlie is the daughter of Lorne and her first husband. She has made a great character as while she has been in trouble she has the talent to help people as well as to become a mainstay in a series that has an overabundance of minor characters. Am hoping to see her in K9 unit as a planned story.

Sean. The boss of Lorne and a former lover. He is way to emotional at times and is seemingly more of a pain in the ass then he should be. That’s probably due to a shared background with Lorne and the fact that he always seems to be playing a game of oneupsmanship.

Katy. When I first met her I couldn’t stand her in the least but she has grown on me. The latest books really shows that she is powerful strong and vulnerable.

Well those are the characters I wanted to discuss as they were in this book. In future I want to talk about her other characters as she has such amazingly memorable characters.

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