This year has been very special for me in terms of reading. I set myself a goal to ensure I would keep on reading even when we were so busy at work that I have limited time.

This year I tried to approach reading differently as I was stuck in a rut with only reading a few genres. I decided to branch out a bit more this year. Don’t get me wrong I still kept reading a lot of my favourites I just added more to them.

Reading is an escape which is why I don’t read a lot of non-fiction but this year I read more of those as well. One of the best takes me back to when I was younger as I read unsweetined which is the autobiography of Jodi Sweetin who played stephanie tanner on full house. It almost made my top reads list.

I also tried to go to cozy mystery by reading Jenny Rowlands novels. They were a bit too soft for what I wanted at the time but were solid books.

I finished the Ceri Lowe series which was amazing as the final book just made the entire series much better. The last book showed me so much and the dystopian aspect of this series really hit home for me.

An old favourite series came to an end this year and I was able to read the final book from MA Comley. It was hard to see that series end because I had finally caught up and was enjoying the journey of Lorne. It was mixed in feelings as this series has been with me since I started to blog.

I got to read a few more inspirational books as well including Winning Everyday by gymnast Shannon Miller. Also Valorie Kondos-Field the coach of ncaa team UCLA women’s gymnastics.

Some great debut novels I have read this year. Sour Fruit was my debut novel of the year. The Poppy War also was extremely good and is powerful fantasy novel one that I haven’t seen much of before.

I have been blessed with great reads and the friendship of the authors and publishers and this wonderful blogging community

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