Each year I try to pick my top reads of the year.  It is always such a hard choice I have so many wonderful reads each year that I could easily do a top 50 reads of the year.  This year was harder than ever as I read more books than what I normally do.  Thankfully I had some wonderful reads some not even released till 2019

So counting backwards here are the top 18

Number 18: Carpenter Road by NM Brown

Number 17: The Visitor by KL Slater

Number 16: Crimson Siege by Jay Raven

Number 15: Hush Hush by Mel Sherratt

Number 14: 48 Hours by Linda Prather

Number 13: Sour Fruit by Eli Allison (This is also Debut novel of the year)

Number 12: Dying Truth by Angela Marsons

Number 11: We All Fall Down by Eric Walters (Canadian Writer of Historical Fiction)

Number 10: Bring me Flowers by DK Hood

Number 9: Truth and Lies by Caroline Mitchell

Number 8: The Hostage Takes by MA Comley

Number 7: Last Goodbye by Arlene Hunt

Number 6: Die Cold by Graham Smith

And now for the unveiling of my Top 5 reads of the year

Number 5: The Last Friend by Harvey Church

Number 4: Past Echoes by Graham Smith

Number 3: Deadly Secrets by Robert Bryndza

Number 2: Hidden Agenda by MA Comley

and my top read of the year is …

Number 1:  The Couple on Cedar Close by Anna-Lou Weatherly

My number one book I haven’t even written the full review as this is part of a blogtour that I will be joining for January 2019.  Suffice it to say that this book stands out and is one of the best that I have read in a long time.  The characters were not what I like but at least they were strong and make you feel some emotions about them.

I want to thank both the Authors and Publishers and Netgalley for all the support this year and for the Advanced Reader Copies.


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