This section will be to thank the publishers who have been the biggest support for myself.  Starting in 2018 after many years of blogging is going to be hard but for me I am going to just think of the last years and add them all together for the first Publisher of the Year.

This time I am going with a very special publisher who has been my biggest supporter since the very beginning of my blog.  If it hadn’t been for them in the early days of my blog I would probably have given up a long time ago.

This publisher is one of the best ones I have dealt with that have the best publicists who area always helpful.  This year the publisher of the year is


This is a very special award to me as Bookouture has been with me since the beginning and have some of the best people that I can deal with.  Kim Nash has been with me from the start helping me and taking the biggest chances on a new blogger.  They have also added in Noelle Holten who also done so much with the organizing.  These two are a great tagteam and are always there to help out us bloggers so that when there is a conflict with posting we know that they are ready and able to assist.


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