I seldom find a really amazing fantasy novel anymore especially by a new author.

The Poppy War was recommended to me at my local bookstore and I can say that I am very pleased that I picked this up and read it.

The story is one that will continue on with me. It was strong and had such well balanced plotlines.

Going through this book I found that I started to really feel for these characters as well as how the story unfolded.

In many ways this book also reminds me of psychological books as well. It deals with the aftermath of war as well as the post traumatic stress disorder that comes with those who are caught up in a war.

I loved Rin as a character she has such a powerful presence. She has a good nature to her and seems to fear her growing powers.

Altan is a powerful young man who has some very deep emotional wounds. He is damaged goods and he has so much anger and hatred in himself. I found the character intriguing and a great sample of someone suffering badly.

This book is one of the better fantasy books that I have read in the past 5 years. So detailed and while the book seems long it is packed full of everything I like.

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