This isn’t normally my style of novel but the writing style as well as the emotional nature of this book really hit me hard.

To me I think this reminds me of the amazing race but this time the prize is worth so much more than money.

Spectacular and heartbreaking to say the least. Truly this book is one of the best I have read especially in a genre that I have read but seldom enjoyed..

Carol wyer is a very special author who has so much talent. I am very pleased to have been a le to receive an arc of this book and to be able to share my thoughts with you.

Bryony was a great character who flowed and just felt guilty and all the time missing that special friendship that we build up with siblings.

Lewis was not what I expected but was a solid character who had a lot.of baggage that he had to work through.

Melinda was that one friend who always seems to push things and get you into the fun type of trouble. She is that special someone you can always trust.

For me its hard to really pick a favorite character as so many were memorable and will stay with you.

I think the ballet dancer is probably my favourite as he reminds me of me a bit. Being in a sport that isn’t masculine is difficult and it puts a whole new meaning of pressure to your life.

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