I first came to hear about this wonderfully string and resilliant lady when I started to watch in 2016 the NCAA Gymnastics Championships.

Miss Val they call her and she is one of the truly great coaches in women’s gymnastics. Though never a gymnast herself she has managed to win 7 championships for her school UCLA.

She is one of those strong willed people who you gravitate to. So many of the top elite gymnasts have came to her team.

In her time a lot of Canadians have also became members of her team including my four favourites.

What I like this isn’t just a memoir or a how to coach book but its about her philosophy on life itself. She talks about everything and has so many amazing things to say about her athletes who are now friends.

She talks about the hurt her elite gymnasts had and how strong they were when they spoke out about the assaults and abuse they suffered. This is a very powerful piece because to me it shows what is wrong and Miss Val knows how to correct this with her wonderful approach.

I really enjoyed this book and just how well it shows how you can help yourself. I plan to use the reset button approach in life going forward.

This book really struck a chord with me and I have to say that Miss Val is a real hero. She treats people the way she expects to be treated and has earned the respect of everyone.

For any athletes and coaches out there read this book to get an idea of what a coach can do to help and how to make a difference.

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