Book Description

He stands in the shadows. Watching them.

DI Sara Ramsey’s life is about to change forever. Recently moved to the area and in charge of a new team, she’s tasked with finding a serial killer terrorising a rural community.

Crimes as heinous as this rarely happen in picturesque rural idylls.

The community is living in fear, desperate for Sara to keep them safe.

When the killer changes his MO and abducts a vulnerable resident, Sara realises she’s in a race against time to prevent the killer from claiming yet another victim.

My Thoughts

The start of a wonderful new series with a new DI Sara Ramsey. I always like getting into a series from the ground up as you grow with the characters from the beginning.

The dynamic between Sara and her partner is wonderful and refreshing as they don’t start out close and are learning about each other.

The story itself is great and has so much to it. It is not really pleasant to think of how heinous the crimes are and who they target but it was done like all of this authors work with such tact and a skillful method that it made it even better.

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