One of my all time favourite fantasy authors has to be Mercedes Lackey. Her world is so well designed and her characters are always well written. Her works that I always preferred were Valdemar novels.

This started as a short story in Sword and Sorceress 3. It brought the characters or Tarma and Kethry to life.

Tarma is a barbarian nomad who is part of a clan. We would say it is more similar to a native American band. She is a horse trainer and has a voice of gold. That is until her life was turned upside down and all in her clan save her were killed.

Kethry is a blonde haired beauty who is of minor nobility but is a mage of the White Winds persuasion.

To avenge the loss of Tarma family they team up. This book shows the first two novels as well as an anthology of all short stories about Tarma and Kethry.

The books are amazing and seldom is there a fantasy series that I can say that about especially as its just a pair of books.

Oathbound is kind of a number of stories combined to one even though it is a full length novel. It deals with getting back home for Tarma.

Oathbreakers is the next one as it deals with the people as a mercenary group and their friends and what they have to do in a kingdom when their captain goes missing.

Oathblood is the bunch of short stories that were published already and a new one as well to show what it is like after they already retire as mercenaries.

I really wish there was more out about this duo as they are what started my love of Mercedes Lackey.

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