A world so devoid of emotion where a family can use there very own children in a pawn play where they don’t care if they love or die.

In some ways this is similar to a hunger games. It had a similar feel where the main characters seem to be disliked by their father and used in plot that could very well kill them.

It has a very intriguing feel to the book and the main characters feel broken.

Rafia is the little princess who is heir to rule when her evil and sadistic father passes away. She feel more broken then anyone as she is hollow with nothing really to live for.

Frey jer twin sister has been the shadow for too many years where she hasn’t been allowed to really live. Her purpose is to protect and save her sister. She is broken as she is not very humanlike in fact the only person she ever cared about is Rafia.

This book really makes you think about basically royalty and how or what it is like for those hereditary rulers.

I found the story absorbing and finished this book withing a day or was that entertaining. I hadn’t read this author before but I think he has combined the best of science fiction technology and the psychological grip of a thriller.

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