This has to be one of my favourite books that he has written. As a Canadian this story touched me in ways I never would have expected. Terry Fox has always been a hero to me so seeing a historical fiction about this amazing young man is always a good thing.

I really enjoyed the historical part of this story as well as seeing the views of Terry Fox. A man who was trying to run across Canada to make money for Cancer Research after losing his leg due to cancer.

While the story does have a sad ending which we all know as Terry Fox tragically passed away before he could complete what he was attempting. Many to this day participate in the Terry Fox run for charity in a yearly basis that happens in September.

Last year in 2017 I finally got the opportunity to go to the Terry Fox Memorial which was a surreal experience. This book brought back all of my feelings from that day as well as from childhood and being taught about this amazing young man.

The character Winston was a well written character full of the standard rebellious nature and being from a split family was hard for him till jer met Terry and became one of his friends.

I loved this book as it made me think just what we as Canadians are made of. As an homage I have attached an image at the bottom from my trip last year.

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