The fifth in the series about Detective Inspecter Kayli Bright. This series really shows a versatility with the cases and the issues Kayli has went through since the start of this series.

In this book I found that there is a touch of unhappiness in Kayli and it seems that some of the shone has come off of her. That’s not to say that she wasn’t as sarcastic or as kind as ever just you got undertones of something not quite right. Which of course you will have to read the book to find out what it was or if she was showing it.

This book deals with dynamics of family life and the not so pleasant aftermath of divorce.

It all starts when Jessica ends up off her horse with a broken back. Could she survive such a horrific injury. This is the question that we ask ourselves throughout the book as we try to find out if her death was really an accident or someone out to ruin the family that Wes had created for himself.

Cathy is a sullen child that we don’t see a lot of but you can see the pain from her mothers death and just how bad it must be for her.

Wes is not a person I would like to meet as he is selfish and seems to care little for other including his first family.

The family of Jessica her sister and parents were the ones I really felt for as they just wanted answers. It had to be especially hard in the parents as what parent would ever want to outlive their own child. You see some wonderful coming together with the parents and sister after the horrific accident that poor Jessica’s life.

This was such an awe inspiring book that was very detailed and showed a great deal of family life. Can you guess the killer I know I did manage to figure it out but the whole fun is seeing how Kayli and her team find out.

The 5th book while it doesn’t deal with the tough subject matter of some of the other novels in this series it still had the same impact. As usual this author has blown me away with her style and how she deals with difficult situations.

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