This book deals with Alexandria who is a spoiled rich young lady who is a pretty criminal as well who cares little for others.

That is just skin deep though. She was given a choice between detention or going on this assignment with a very special organization.

She is sent to Kenya and is still the little prissy princess and then she meets Ruth a Massai lady who she befriends. She is even given honour of being invited to dinner by the chief and Ruth’s father.

She shows tremendous growth and handles some situations in almost comedic fashion. She has saved some lives and has made friends for life.

When she returns home her parents are the ones who seem shallow when all Alexandria now wants is to help her friends so they don’t go through these issues again.

It was a wonderful story that shows that a person can act shallow and cares for noone but can grow to love others and wants to really assist them get a better life.

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