What can one expect for the 16th book in a series. Generally a long running series will become stale this isn’t the case with the Justice Series on fact they seem to get better the further you go.

It never ceases tonamaze me at the depth of these books and the tactful way that the author handles these issues. It always make me feel so good when you see just how things turn out and the fact that you feel that you have become part of this long journey.

Wow this was a shocking book and one I am so pleased to have read.

Shocking as the subject matter deals with kidnapping and other vile deeds. Not do shocking that this book would come from the mind of this author as she is brilliant in her story telling.

Seeing Lorne and how she reacted to a similar item that happened to her in a previous book just made it more imperative to her to solve the case.

Sean in this book was a right pain and I began to really dislike him as he became insufferable during the investigation.

I loved the ending as it wasn’t typical as it had a somewhat happy ending which is always a surprise in crime books.

The setting was around Christmas which makes the ending even better.

If this series were to end I would feel bereft like I lost a friend. That’s how this series of books has made me feel over the last couple of years.

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