Well she has certainly done it again and created one of the best books. I don’t know how this author continues to write so many novels and keep the quality so high.

I love the partnership that I see in her home life with Tony and even with her daughter Charlie. Lorne is just a character that you are gravitated towards and can’t help but being annoyed when you have to put the book down.

I also really liked seeing the change to AJ as he seems to be a bit of a quieter character and was great to see him as a leading role for a change as well.

All of this authors characters were so strong you can’t really help but like them or hate them. A sign of a great author is that they can evoke emotion like this.

The case was interesting that Lorne was working on. It was a feel of more mystery even though I figured out the culprit early on I loved how Lorne went about it and tries to find out who was killing those women who had money.

Wonderful work and really want to see what is next for Lorne.

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