I have decided I want to show some love to books that I enjoyed and have reviewed since I started my blog and especially to those authors and publishers who have helped me along the way.

First is the author known as M.A. Comley. When I first started to read this author she had three series and I was lost at where to start. Thankfully for me she took pity on me and gave me the greatest starting point. Cruel Justice is the start of the Justoce series and while I am still trying to catch up on this series it allowed me to break I to my favourite seried ot crime. Torn Apart is still and likely always will be my favourite ceime book.

Second is Caroline Mitchell who helped me out a lot by being one of the first authors I ever Interviewed. At the time she was published with Bookouture and had started her Jennifer Knight series which started my love with paranormal thrillers.

Angela Marsons the second half of the two authors who I interviewed in my infancy as a book blogger. She has my all time favourite villain in Alex and can’t see that changing anytime soon as very few can compare to the psychological evilness of her. She is also published by Bookouture a d has a lot of books in her series.

Linda Prather is a more recent addition to my reading stable. She writes a few different genres including my favourite which is her Catherine mans series which is paranormal thriller. She has so much talent and so far I am hooked on three of her series.

Angela Stevens is a person that rekindled my passion for urban fantasy and the wonderful world of the shifters. Her series made me pick up more fantasy novels and get back into what I really loved about fantasy.

I have a publisher next who was the first one to ever give this blogger a chance with there books. That goes to Bookouture who really took a chance on a new blogger to assist with promoting there wonderful authors and books.

I decided to do this as a thank you to those who have helped me along the way. There will be more of these coming where I bring to light authors and publishers.

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