Historical fiction has not been one of my favourite genres but these books are so different.

Eric Walters is one of Canada’s talents that writes specifically in young adult style. They are shorter reads but with lots of passion.

This book happens to be about a time that Canada went against the human rights of some of their citizens. It is something that happened when Japanese Canadians were forced out of their homes by the government and placed into internment camps.

It is a shameful part of our history during the height of World War II. A very great book that shows a lot of history and what the time period was like during the 1940s when the war was on.

I loved the story and how well it was told. This shows a passion for history and the research that went into this novel was very large.

Writing in historical fiction is not easy as you have to be as true as you can to the time period as well as the norms of that time.

Wonderful novel.

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