A sniper with a mission… a young cop with nothing to lose… a CSI with everything to prove… a teenage girl with a terrifying obsession…

In one of the most beautiful corners of England, something very ugly is about to take place.
There’s a killer on the loose in the Lake District hills, and the calm of an English summer is shattered. For newly qualified Crime Scene Investigator, Grace McColl, it’s both the start of a nightmare and the chance to prove herself after a mistake that cost a life.
For Detective Constable Nick Weston, recently transferred from London, it’s an opportunity to recover his nerve after a disastrous undercover operation left him for dead.
And for a lonely, loveless girl, Edith, it’s the beginning of a twisted fantasy—one she never dreamed might come true.

My review

This book was good and had a lot of intricacies in plot. I like the main character and think it was well written.

Is an concerned with only one thing and that’s the length of the book. It seems that more and more books have to be over 400 pages which to me is very long for a crime book. I prefer shorter reads where we get I to the meat of the story right away.

One thought on “Dancing on the Grave”

  1. Hi Sean. Thank you very much indeed for hosting me on the #BlogTour for DANCING ON THE GRAVE. At 122,000 words it *is* a long book, I know. The Charlie Fox series books are shorter, and I’m hoping to bring the next standalone in at a more manageable length, too. With this, the story took over and I just wrote to the end of it.

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