Having gotten behind in reading this series I am now catching up and realize just why the books from this author are always ranked so high.

Lorne Warner or Simpkins whichever one you wish to call her by is a strong woman but she has an inner fragile nature as well. She has some blind spots that can cause her many issues.

Jer love of her daughter Charlie is one that tends to make her spiral out of control at times. The fact that bad things keep happening to Charlie makes her more irrational when it comes to her safety. This book is no different as she struggles with her past emotions of what happened at the hands of the Unicorn.

Tony her husband who is a former MI6 agent who was crippled in the line of duty. Her love for him helps her save the day. He is her rock and what prevents her from breaking down emotionally. Without him Lorne would be in and straights and her mind would be forever in turmoil or more so then it already is.

Carol her friend and confidante as well as a psychic that has helped on many cases as well as jelpsnjer maintain the shelter for animals. With her help Lorne uas managed to protect her family and friends.

Katy her partner and one of her best friends as well. She has the strength that is required to do the difficult jobs. She also has fear as well and you see just what she is made of in this book.

I truly found this book as one of the best in the series. The story is one where you see a lot of badness with the kidnapping of mothers and children. What I really liked is seeing the original Lorne returning as her previous badass self.

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