Wolf Boy

Peragrim was his name. An inhuman human sworn to destroy his quarry, three human children – Connor, Evey and Billy. They had been transported to a world ruled by the Wolf People, but Peragrim was waiting for them

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Author Bio –

Gerry Sammon is a journalist and former newspaper editor based in Bolton, Lancashire.

From September 2015 he has been a tutor in Media Law at News Associates in Manchester, an award-winning private training provider, tutoring trainee journalists in media law and ethics. He also teaches media law to students at Manchester Metropolitan University, and at the University of Central Lancashire based in Preston.

He has travelled widely, both for business and on family holidays.

The idea for Wolf Boy came from a dream my daughters used to have when they were small children. The elder daughter would dream there was a wolf in the wardrobe (this is how our adventure begins in Wolf Boy), and my youngest daughter had a dream that a crocodile lived under her bed.

Gerry is married, with two grown-up daughters

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Twitter @GerrySammon

Facebook author page: https://www.facebook.com/GerrySammon.author/

WordPress author blog: https://gerrysammon.wordpress.com/

My thoughts

This was one of those books that had me enthralled from the very beginning. The story captivated me with its magic and it’s ability tondraw you into the wonderful world and story that the author created.

This is a wonderful take on urban fantasy and high fantasy combined. I haven’t seen the likes of this since Joel Rosenberg did a successful version years ago.

For much of the same reasons do I love this book. It is unique and shows a different atmosphere for fantasy which has been badly needed.

I liked the main character Connor who seems to have an inner strength that you don’t see till her really needs it.

It’s also nice to see a character who has a disability and how he has to work with it and live with it.

I am hoping that this can bring in a new style for fantasy and with hope it won’t just be for young adults

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