A betrayal of any kind shows intent…

It’s when evil rears its head and no one can prevent it.

DI Kayli Bright returns from a treacherous adventure to join her team in the search for a missing man, Paul Potts.

The clues on this case are intrinsically hidden.

A plethora of dodgy suspects to sift through – most of them willing to help with the investigation, all except one who takes flight.

Why? What does he have to hide?

After obtaining a search warrant Kayli makes a surprising discovery in the man’s home.

Does he have a hidden agenda? Is he behind the disappearance of Paul Potts?

The deeper Kayli digs for the truth the further away a resolution seems.
My thoughts

The fourth in a much anticipated series and what can I say that I haven’t said in the past about the authors body of work.

Kayli Bright is a shining star in my mind who would do anything for her family and to protect the people of her area.

She is such a vibrant and colourful character who seems to have bad luck that has driven her to be reckless in some ways.

I love the series but this book just blew me away and is one of the few books that has made me emotional. Even now I am still having difficulty putting my thoughts on this book into words to write a review that will do it justice.

The story has two parts one is the case which is missing person at first and she needs to try and find this man as his brother and oldest daughter are frantic as it is against his character. It makes you really think as we are only seeing a small part of the picture.

The second part is the family aspect in which this author is adept at without taking away from the true focus of the case. It is amazing to see this as usually from what I have seen that you have to make one or the other suffer but not in this book.

This is quickly becoming one of the best series I have read as it is emotionally charged and has such amazing and in-depth characters.

I highly recommend this series but just warning the stories of the past books are very difficult because of the topics that the author covers. If you can get past that one little item the books handle everything in a very humane way and it has made me realize what a treasure this author is.

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