This is the start of a series new to me and an author i had never heard of before. As a person who is fond of young adult fantasy this came as such a shock as there are multiple books by this author.

Petra is a breath of fresh air as she struggles to make her way outside of the Fae land and away from a monarchs rule.

She is a powerful fighter who has Mort a magical sword linked to her blood magic. She has a strong passion in her to protect her mother’s memory even though she doesn’t remember her. She also has strong will to fight the different vampires who plague those outside of the Sidhe realms. Petra is also very opinionated as well as hotheaded.

The story is about New Gargoyles a fairly new race to the Sidhe courts. They are powerful with skin that can turn to stone.

I like the style of this book as it deals with a post apocalyptic catastrophe thst destroyed the magic that was there. It creates a new race which makes it even better as they strive to gain there own court from the king.

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