One of the first books I read of Mercedes Lackey so this will always have a special place in my heart as it rekindled the love of fantasy in me.

The Valdemar books are very intense books in a fantasy world where magic isn’t just spells but also mind magic.

In this book you get to meet Kerowyn (Kero) who is the granddaughter of a very powerful Whitewinds sorceress. Kero wants nothing more though then to be a powerful fighter and to escape life of drudgery in her father’s keep.

This book has a bit of everything including action and adventure which is needed in fantasy novels. And who wouldn’t love magic or a system that shows the strength of the mage.

This book as I said earlier rekindled my love of fantasy especially after a number of years of finding a lackluster style of writing this shows a different side.

Mercedes Lackey was ahead of her time in fantasy showing women as leads who weren’t more masculine then the men in the group as well as showing characters who have a sexual orientation that isn’t heterosexual.

She has a new book coming out in this Valdemar world this year and I think if you haven’t had the chance you should read something by her.

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