Everyone has memories from when they were younger Full House was one of the shows that I remember. Who couldn’t remember the family show that kept so many entertained for so many years.

Jodie Sweetin played the middle daughter in that series Stephanie Tanner. She was a cute kid that seemed to sparkle during those days.

Little could you guess what life would lead her to. In her book she talks very openly about her alcoholism as well as her addiction to drugs.

The once good girl ended up with the bad girl reputation that so many talked about.

The book was a look at her life and just what she would go through to work on being sober and a member of society that doesn’t rely on drugs.

While this book doesn’t have a lot about her days as the child actor on Full House it talks about her decline and her subsequent sobering up.

I know that while the book talks about her life on drugs that’s not all there is to her anymore. She is back and I think those fans of hers should read about her to know just how far she has come and her strength through it all.

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