This is a second in a series and the first was great but this one surpassed that. This is definitely one of my favourite books I have read this year and may even come close to taking .y favourite Linda Prather novel.

The story was a twisted game to find out who killed the daughter of a wealthy man.

It reminded me in feel of a style similar to a dystopian except in this book it’s not future but a present day look for answers.

Andi Carter an investigative reporter is becoming one of my favourite characters. She is resilient and has passion for not just her job but finding the truth. She also has a sassy streak and really who doesn’t like that.

Shamus or Irish is a very interesting character that I really found to have so much depth. He is similar to Andi in some ways in that he has the feisty streak. I definitely wouldn’t want to be on his bad side or fight with him.

If you love books that are strong and that has a self contained story then this book may well before. If you like dystopian style I highly recommend this it had a feel of Hunger Games bit more adult and definitely more powerful.

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