February being the shortest month you would assume you wouldn’t be able to read as many books. That wouldn’t be accurate in my case. For some reason February always is busy with work so I have more time taking trains too and from work.

I read a number of wonderful books in February and the top ones I have decided to post here.

First up is the last book I completed in February which was Fierce by Ali Raisman which is about her life in gymnastics and her drive that took her to two Olympics and multiple gold medals. This book was great and covered her historic career.

Unbroken by Madeleine Black was a memoir of her life and living with what many can’t. It was an inspirational book to see what she has done after everything that happened to her. This is one of my favourite non fiction books ever.

Miracle in my Living room by Evelyn Mann is a great read that deals with a child who has a disability and overcoming and surviving despite the odds being against you. While It does have a religious undertone which isn’t for me the book was wonderful.

The third book in the Kayli Bright series was read as well and loved it. Hidden Agenda was a wonderful book and is going to be in it for my top reads of the year. M.a. Comley writes with such passion it’s no surprise why she is my favourite author ever.

And many others. February was more a month of biographies and memoirs

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