I’ve noticed that some reviewers include an author bio with their reviews. I’ve therefore written the following…
Melvyn Small is an author and the founder of Indipenned, a website that champions the work of independent literature. Thus far he has written two books, Holmes Volume 1 and the imaginatively titled follow up Holmes Volume 2 (Subsequently republished by Fahrenheit Press as the Victor Locke Chronicles)
Mel’s perhaps unique spin on Sherlock Holmes, which places the character in a different time, location and section of society, has found fans around the world and is fast becoming a cult classic. His writing style is pacey and littered with gin-dry humour. It has been described as “hilarious, clever and hugely enjoyable.” The Darlington Substitution novella is his longest story so far and perhaps his best work to date.

My Review

This is definitely a unique spin on Sherlock Holmes. Partly this is not easy to read especially if you loved the original Sherlock Holmes from Arthur Conan Doyle.

It is good and has a lot of potential to ensure that the Holmes mythology carries on for many new fans.

While It does change things it also rekindled the love of mysteries in me. I am pleased to have read this as it really was entertaining as well as it has a more general feeling of what brought me into the world of mystery and crime books

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