As international women’s day is upon us I am writing this special feature to show my support and admiration for these women.

M.A. Comley IS a prolific author who writes many series and has over 50 published novels. She writes mainly crime novels and has my favourite series of all times that deals with Hero Nelson. Many of her books feature the lead as a strong female like in her Justice Series and her Kayli Bright series. She has earned my respect with her hard work nd her wonderful stories.

Linda Prather is a lady who writes so many novels that can attract a wide variety of readers. She has wrote legal thrillers and my favourite she has written is her paranormal thrillers. Catherine Mann’s is one of my favourite characters. She kana strong female protagonist and has so much depth to her.

Caroline Mitchell is an author of a few series and even a true tale of her time in a house called Paranormal Intruder. She has strong female leads and has one of the all time best characters in Ruby Preston. She also writes paranormal thrillers and has my top bad guy Bertram.

Mel Sherratt an author who has a number of books that while not lighter are not quite as dark as a lot of the crime books I read. The Estate series is am interesting read and has so much to offer it’s readers.

Madeleine Black is an author of her own memoir which deals with survival after rape. It is her story and it is inspiring to see just what she has done with her life and how she has changed a horrific time to her advantage.

Angela Marsons writes with a lot of passion and all of her books that are crime focus around one female lead. She is strong and and just like her name is hard as stone. Kim Stone was one of the first characters that I felt connection to when I started to read crime books.

Angela Stevens has a number of novels that are linked to mythology or Native American faith. The shifter series was one of my favourites in the urban fantasy genre and I am still thinking about the books even now.

There are many more women who have written amazing books and I know I can’t touch on them all but I wanted to give a bit of information on those that have either helped me here with the blog or gave me something to really think upon.

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