A suspenseful and emotional novella exploring whether we can ever be free from our past mistakes.
In this story, the reader is taken on a compelling journey into the human mind where genuine friendship offers the key to inner peace.
Meet Tess, an elderly lady living in a care home apartment in the outskirts of Edinburgh, whose past is haunted by a wrong decision. She meets Nurse Sandra, a warm and bubbly single mother of three, who is instantly intrigued by Tess’s personality and the mystery that surrounds her.
‘Tess and Tattoos’ is one of five gripping stories in HA Leuschel’s story collection Manipulated Lives centred around psychological manipulation

My Review

I wasn’t sure at first and still really am not what I thought about the story. I did enjoy this story and am still try I g to figure out what really happened.

The characters weren’t as developed as much as I wanted but I did enjoy what I saw. I think there could have been more length and to show more of the pitfalls that happens in these stories. I am happy to have read this.

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