I found a new fantasy series from a Toronto based author who is Indy published. I was shocked as its rare to see a local fantasy author. It was written as one of our own as well.

I bought both the first and second books both of them signed by the author and was so pleased as I am supporting the local authors.

I took my purchases to the front and was talking to the cashiers and the one I got said I made a great choice.

Of course being a blogger I am not shy especially with book people. I asked if she was an employee of the store as they said one of our own.

She looked at me like I hadn’t known but she was the cashier I got. I was so pleased so I said that I always look for local authors and have seen very few. I then told her I was a book blogger and we had a small discussion.

She even updated the signing so it’s more personalized and I can’t wait to start to read it.

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