An hour after accepting a lift home from work, Sarah Abel is found murdered in her flat. With very few clues at the scene, it’s up to DI Kayli Bright and her team to decide if this is a case of a bungled burglary or if Sarah is part of someone else’s hidden agenda. While sifting through the list of suspects, Kayli worries her personal turmoil threatens to derail the investigation.

With her stress levels at their highest and overwhelmed by her concern for her missing fiancé, Kayli makes a decision that shocks her team and her family.

A decision that not only jeopardises her job but also puts her own life in mortal danger.

My Review

Such a strong and emotional book in the Kayli Bright series. It takes over from book 2 and its cliffhanger of an ending.

In this book it’s the most emotional of the three as you see Kayli put through her paces not just as a police officer but as a human being.

She is embroiled in a bitter fight to save her fiance and being him home so that they can spend their lives together in marriage.

This book you see the same old Kayli but also you see her work through her own problems that she has as well as trying to solve a case.

This book was a pleasure to read as it was so well written. This is what I have come to expect from MA Comley as she always writes with such passion andnm creativity as well as handling some of the most deplorable issues and handling them with tact.

I love this series and can’t wait to see what will happen next to Kayli Bright

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