A gifted gymnast, an eloquent speaker and one of the strongest fighters one could see. She is a powerful competitor having earned more Olympic medals than any other American Gymnast except for the incomparable Shannon Miller.

Aly has been in the news recently after coming out about the sexual abuse that she went through with many other US gymnasts at the hands of Larry Nassar. This book touched on this horrendous crime against these young girls but was only a small part. To be honest I am glad it focuses away from this issue and more on her training and her goals.

Trained by Mihai Brestyan who trained other greats such as Alicia Sacramone. She showed her tenacity in her gymnastics and by training as she could as well being the type of person that can assist with the next generation.

The book talks about what she is like as a person and how she achieved her goals and dreams. Aly was so good at helping her teammates she was made the Captain of both the 2012 and 2016 Olympic gymnastics team.

She has shown courage and forced her way into a second Olympics. How many can claim that they have been able to go to back to back Olympics and even won gold medals at each especially from a place like the USA that is so strong in its selection.

I am am ardent fan of gymnastics and what I really likes about the book is it delves into a part of gymnastics that isn’t always pleasant but also shows the reality of what it takes to be an elite gymnast.

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